Mother’s Day Wrap-Up

14 05 2017


* Local stack, even though it didn’t happen here, because she’s an East St. Louis native, and brags about her “Vashon verve.”  You’d have to be a St. Louisan to get the gag.

I suspect whoever did this also did this.

* Read between the lines, and what do you see?  Mexico deported an illegal alien.

* If one digs deep enough, then you’ll probably find Kwame Building Group behind this.  This is the VA after all, meaning the Feds, meaning affirmative action.  That very same affirmative action is the taboo cause of the other more pervasive scandal the VA has been embroiled in for several years.

* The SPOT was WU Med’s HIV/AIDS clinic for St. Louis City teenagers and young adults, but recently, it has expanded its mission, and now it has another outlet.

That makes me wonder:  How was the Jennings district, which has student demographics very similar to all the districts that surround it, able to avoid a state takeover, unlike all the districts that surround it?

Maybe they put forth a little more effort into testing.

* That was probably the only way he had to get any.


* A paralegal who is also an illegal alien.  Does that make her a paraillegal?  Jus’axin.

Also note the name of her firm — Kuck.


* He’s a real fine one to talk.  Pot kettle black.  “Liberty” University is one of the worst when it comes to censoring and sanctioning honest dialogue on race.  And that includes the “liberal” colleges he denounces.

* Now that’s being really smart.  Threaten people who know how to use firearms, who are also the kind of people who are none too inclined toward your cause.

* Speaking of such matters, I thought we were supposed to cut down on school suspensions, because of that God-forsaken pipeline.

* As I read this, I wonder how our Ben is doing.

* HBCU unresponsive to sexual assault incidents and victims, brains BSOD.

Acronym overload, to beat all.

* In related news.  This means that all the reported rapes are happening on about one in ten campi.  And, of those ten percent, most of them are either an HBCU, have a big time football or basketball program, or close to their area’s bell curve city.

* Only now are you figuring this out?  We’ve known for a long time that there’s no business like Shoah business.


* I’m glad to see that being away from the Presidency hasn’t changed him.

* Now I’m starting to read between the lines.  Indonesian Islamism may not be religious in as much as it is an expression of racial/ethnic frustration.


* Gotta love trolls.  Though the people who wanted to name it for Trump weren’t trolling.

* Well, no wonder.  You were baking brownies.  Who can resist brownies?

* When I first took up golf a few years ago, I knew it would be an expensive hobby.  The silver lining is that it’s not as expensive as it would have been had I gotten interested, say, a dozen years ago.  A combination of The Great Recession and baby boomers aging out of their golf phase has meant a very sharp decline in the golf business.  To wit.




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14 05 2017

By the way, thanks for all your help week before last with the flooding.

I don’t know if you’ve seen, but the Meramec at Arnold is still above flood stage? Even though it’s not a dangerous level.

15 05 2017
Alex the Goon

I suspect whoever did this also… has a website at

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