Now Back to My Definition of Bell Curve City

16 05 2017

North City

You already knew that Natural Bridge through the city is the most dangerous place in the country in terms of “gun violence.”

Now we find out that it’s also pretty bad when it comes to fatal car wrecks.

And from my reading of the text, and reading between the lines, the cause of both is the same.

The new alderman who represents a ward that contains part of Natural Bridge’s drag through the city wants cameras, more traffic lights, better coordinated traffic lights, and more police enforcement, to solve the problem.

More cameras?  Honey badger just don’t give a shit.  Traffic lights?  Why would Bellcurvius obey those any better than they obey laws prohibiting violent crime?  Police enforcement?  What are you, some sort of sellout oreo/tom/trimmer to the pig system?  Don’t you know that Black Lives Matter?




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16 05 2017

“Traffic lights? Why would Bellcurvius obey those any better than they obey laws prohibiting violent crime?”

It’s funny you mention that because I frequently pick routes through bell curvey parts of St. Louis and ESTL (but only during the day) and I’ve definitely noticed in recent years that red lights are optional and nobody is writing speeding tickets cuz people drive as fast as they want. Of course, it’s the typical demographic (YBM). Everyone else putters around.

16 05 2017
17 05 2017
Dr Duke

That is a great idea. Step up enforcement. That will lead to tickets the blacks wont pay wich will lead to warrants they will ignore wich will lead to even more black bodies in jail wich will lead to more protest and even less enforcement.

Just drop all enforcement.
The sooner things go full Mad Max the better.
Soon belt fed machine guns will come standard on sport utes and mini vans.

17 05 2017

Speaking of enforcement, I have a story that broke yesterday out of SCOMO that I’ll discuss later today.

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