Rainy Day No Fund

16 05 2017


Now the budget knife is getting serious.

Last year, it wasn’t so serious, because the school had Andy Blunt to save them.  And while he tried to help them this year, the education funding increase in the state budget passed during the just-concluded legislative session almost entirely benefits pre-K.

The irony is that it was the fear of budget cuts which started this whole mess.




2 responses

16 05 2017

I wondered how successful the lobbying would be this year when I saw how much budget pressure they were under.

16 05 2017

That, and the key legislators that were willing to do Andy B. this yuge favor last current year were probably less likely to have the time of day for him this current year, because they saw no reciprocity out of the deal. How did Mizzou reward their graciousness?

Another reason is that Andy B. and his horses weren’t running around Jeff City this year like they were last year, for the same reason I wasn’t there this year unlike last year: With Greitens and Hawley making swamp-drain noises, even in the absence of any real ethics reform, there is still plenty they can do to drop hammers. And both made that known through back channels, and everyone who needed to hear it got the message.

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