Don’t Drop the Soap

18 05 2017

Berkeley, California

Campus Reform:

Berkeley student fees fund $2.7M gender-neutral locker room

The University of California, Berkeley is building a state-of-the-art gender-neutral locker room funded by $2.7 million in student fees.

According to a press release on the matter, the new “4,500 square foot gender-inclusive locker room” will be “the first of its size and scope in the UC system,” with construction set to begin in the Spring of 2018.

“Not only will the locker room offer private changing rooms, showers, lockers, and bathroom stalls, it will also serve as a non-gendered access point to the Spieker Pool lap swim facility,” the release explains, extolling the new locker room as “a crucial step forward in reducing the barriers to wellness for often marginalized student and campus communities.”

Even though everything will be individually private, yet and still, dropping the soap won’t be a good idea.

That’s the thing — The age of big open gang showers is over, except for team sports, the military and jails/prisons.  New locker room construction and the renovations of existing ones, even for those old fashioned sex-specific locker rooms, are doing away with gang showers and opting for private showers.  That’s mostly a generational thing, as my generation was the last that tolerated gang showers, and even at that, it wasn’t universal.  Millennials don’t at all.

Back to Berkeley — It says that this new social justice compliant locker room will “serve as the non-gendered access point” to a pool.  Which means this gender-neutral locker room will be used during Muslim women-only swimming hours and sessions.




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18 05 2017

A locker room truly fit for Antifa.

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