Rioting on Tulsa Time

18 05 2017


The next few nights in Tulsa could be really volatile, and the local undertow could pop off and riot at any time.

Tulsa has been a really difficult city when it comes to race relations going back a long time, going back to Black Wall Street in 1921, and to the fact that there are a surprising number and frequency of anti-white violent atrocities there in our times.




4 responses

18 05 2017
David In TN

Google “Clarissa Horton and Ethan Nichols” or “Bob and Nancy Strait.”

Or go to the site (Nicholas Stix Uncensored) of the Blogmeister’s biggest fan and type those names in the Search box.

18 05 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

This is likely to get very nasty. What has the weather been like in Tulsa? Are they at riot temps and humidity levels yet?

18 05 2017
19 05 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

The expression is old and worn but no less true: it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

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