The Labor Strife Has No Clothes

18 05 2017


The most obvious naked emperor angle of this mild controversy?

Of course students are going to support their teachers.  Because teachers give grades to students.

It’s about as insightful as saying that privates support their drill sergeant.




2 responses

18 05 2017
18 05 2017

Here’s a little bit of full circle irony.

What’s the other notable serial controversy locally? Right, the UDC’s statue in Forest Park.

Look at the first picture in the photo set of the second URL in my comment above. Beyond the assembled students, the green sign reads, “Utz Rd, Next Signal.” That’s Utz as in James Morgan Utz. Look him up, and you’ll see why the next ethnic cleansing crusade will not only to be to change the name of that road, but also the name of the Utz branch of the St. Louis County Library that’s close to there.

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