Their Tribe

18 05 2017

Black American tribal identity revolves around black Americans, not all black people on Earth.

I figured this out awhile back, when I noticed that Yasiel Puig was not being lauded as an increasingly rare example of a black in the major leagues.

If Puig’s distant grandfather would have been unloaded off the slave ship at Virginia instead of Havana, the Dodger today would be known as Darnell Richardson, or some such, and would be so lauded.




3 responses

18 05 2017

Hebrew Israelites are a special kind of stupid. I’ve dealt with these folks as a part of a past life. They’re easy to understand. They think they are the ACTUAL Hebrews (not Jews). They think that they are “asiatic black people” that are NOT originated in Africa but in Asia. They got to America because they are the 13th tribe and they either:

1) Wandered into West Africa whereupon they were captured and brought to America.

2) Pushed into Africa with the same result.

3) May be victims of the East African slave trade.

So it’s incumbent to understand that they do not (with good *internal* logic) think they are Africans because they do not consider themselves having originated IN Africa and thus see no contradiction or problem trashing Africans.

18 05 2017

Black HIs are merely repurposing the political-theology of white HIs (American: Christian Identity, British: British-Israelite). I wrote about this kind of thing several years back.

20 05 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah, implying thought to black behavior is born from prejudice. No one who has actually met or interacted with blacks would ever claim that thought was in any way related to behavior. Does that mean they don’t actually think? Does anyone think really? Think is the most overused and misunderstood word in the English language. Its used to imply beliefs and behavior that seems based far more on habits and popular opinions. Popular opinions and habits would be virtually unknown if thought governed behavior really.
The blacks are merely following the example of the media and making shit up. In Truth, blacks only socialize for the purposes of crime. Its a relic of The Stone Age like them where they only congregated and cooperated for the purposes of hunting down food and enemies. We have a future, but blacks are permanently stuck on stupid. Undersized brains will do that to you, especially if your mother marries a savage.
White guys stick together. Some marry for life. In the jungles of Africa, Haiti, Detroit or an Ape City near you, blacks care about as much about each other as they care about law or private property, which is not at all. They abandon their kids, kill each other for fun and profit and abandon “friends” to their fate if it helps them escape the consequences of their own stupidity. They team up against other races, but their concept of loyalty fits no acceptable definition of that word.

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