Diversity, For Real?

19 05 2017


ESPN:  Diversity and refugees, because Clarkston High School’s championship XC team.

It starts this way:

Dubbed “the Ellis Island of the South” and “the most diverse square mile in America” by various publications, this suburb northeast of Atlanta has evolved into a magnet for refugees and immigrants from around the world since the 1990s, and 44 percent of its current population is foreign-born.

As a result, the students at Clarkston High School come from more than 50 countries and speak nearly as many languages. Printed images of international flags — from Congo, Thailand, Pakistan, Ethiopia and others — hang inside the campus’ entryway, a mosaic-like tribute to the student body’s origins.

The varsity boys’ cross country team is a microcosm of the school and the town, with all eight runners on this year’s squad having moved to the United States from Africa. In November, three days before the U.S. presidential election, that team won yet another state title.

ESPN evidently doesn’t get its own joke.  Fifty countries worth of diversity, yet all four state championship XC runners are either East Africans or an eastern African looking young man from a western African country, and the other four are African immigrants.

The key word to understand here is HBD, not diversity.




3 responses

20 05 2017
Joshua Sinistar

And after a winning season of foolball, the only scholar that passed the academic requirements was either an angry White male or oriental kid who transferred in from the Far East. You can argue with me, but genetics doesn’t care about waciss and sheeit.

20 05 2017
Dale gribble

How about their star spear chicker Er javelin thrower

20 05 2017

Libtards never get irony. BTW, that area must be the most fuxxated square mile in the U.S.

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