Higher Education in the Era of Social Justice

19 05 2017

Boston; Honolulu

He didn’t write a senior thesis, he dropped a rap album.

And, of course, it was accepted, and he’s going to graduamafacate wiff honors.

If you wondered how a purely abstract discipline like mathematics is going to be able to survive in the era of social justice, we now know the answer:  Conduct a social justice course, include a little bit of simple arithmetic, and call that “math.”

Then again, to get a load of this, it has already started.




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19 05 2017

My first thought was that they’ll do their 99% SJW 1% arithmetic and call it Differential Equations III.

The problem is that society actually needs enough people that can master the actual true coursework that a title like Differential Equations III suggests.

So, I have to back myself up and re-think this.

Probably what this means is that in colleges that have a math requirement, they’ll create a special “baby math” class that’s 99% SJW 1% arithmetic for the *-studies majors, so they can show on their transcripts that they’ve passed a “math” class so they can get their Fisher-Price sheepskin.

High schools, because they’re in states that have math requirements, you have to do so many years of math, will probably eat this stuff alive. They’ll create “math” courses that are 99% SJW 1% arithmetic for the benefit of their precious URMs/NAMs. Along those lines, note that Can’t Teach for America has their pawprints all over this. Which should tell you a lot.

20 05 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Forgive me… what’s a URM? Thanks.

21 05 2017

Under Represented Minorities.

19 05 2017

Did you catch the last paragraph?

“Shaw plans to circulate the album online for free and hopes it opens doors to the music industry. In the meantime, he’s headed to Seattle to work as a software engineer at Google.”

I guess someone at Google is serious about all that diversity hiring rhetoric.

19 05 2017

His major is English, not CSIT. So he may well be going to work for Google (in Seattle? Do they mean MSFT?), but not as a software engineer, but probably in HR. Which is how the tech firms are solving their “diversity” “problem,” by importing a bunch of semi-qualified dindus into HR, where they’ll have no real responsibilities or wreak no real havoc.

30 05 2017
The SJWification of STEM Continues | Countenance Blog

[…] know how social justice is dumbing down both STEM in general and mathematics in […]

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