Kroger Noir

19 05 2017

Jackson, Mississippi

Most of you have read the story by now.

And, you know he has a video:

It says that the mother drove her car with the kid in tow to a Jackson-area Kroger in the 2 AM hour.

Here’s the thing about that.

I called up all the Kroger locations in and around Jackson, Mississippi on Google Maps, and at least according to that, every Kroger in the area have closing times of either 10 PM, 11 PM, or Midnight, with the exception of a 24-hour location in the suburb of Madison, which I know is a white flight area (the county it’s in is less than 5% black, which, by Mississippi standards, is next to nothing). Unless that’s the particular Kroger she chose, then she wound up going to a Kroger that was definitely closed by the 2 AM hour. Which means she deliberately went to a closed Kroger. Which means she was going there for a reason other than to buy something. Meaning something nefarious.

If this was some kind of setup or cover-up, the three yoots will very soon start flapping their gums in order to save their own hides.




9 responses

19 05 2017

Would a typical media whore ever look up the Kroger info like you did? Would they print it if they did? Could they even mention it in the office without fear of being called racist for doubting mommy is a pillar of the community.

19 05 2017

Apparently, media whores don’t have access to Google Maps.

19 05 2017

Tommy already discussed the two hour discrepancy between the second and third event in the event log. She came out of the Kroger at 2:30 noticing her car was missing, but then waited two hours to tell someone her son was in the car, and that’s when MBI pulled an Amber Alert. As if she cared more about her car than her kid. (Or, maybe, she wanted the kid to die.)

More interesting is the 75 minute discrepancy between the first and second events.

Also we now know that the Kroger she went to is in Jackson. As in “not Madison,” which means she did NOT go to the 24 hour Kroger. Which means she went to a Kroger that was closed. Yet, according to her, she was inside. (If she was, you never know where she actually was). But we now know for sure that the Kroger she went to was NOT open for regular business at the time. Which should obviously raise a red flag factory, not just a red flag.

19 05 2017

I’ve been told the Kroger she went to, which did not show up in my initial GM search, is open 24 hours.

Still, even if you back that part out, there are still lots of question marks.

19 05 2017

“the county it’s in is less than 5% black, which, by Mississippi standards, is next to nothing”

It’s actually about thirty five or forty percent black, according the 2000 census – probably more by now. No county or town in Mississippi has a black percentage that low. The city of Madison used to be over ninety percent white, but that percentage is now down to about eighty five percent.

Madison and Iuka are the only towns in MS I know of that could even remotely be called white.

19 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Nice quote in the article: Tonya Harden says her daughter was friends with Kingston. “She’s heartbroken, I’m gonna have to really talk to her,” sighed Harden. “I think it’s going to make me hug my baby and my grandkids a little bit tighter.”

20 05 2017
Nicholas Stix

DADT. I read articles like this all the time. Not with the kidnapping part, but with a black “mother,” whose screaming negligence cost her child/ren his life (lives).

She left her little kids home, they played with matches, and caused a fire that killed them all.

The alleged reporter on the story answers “Who?,” “What?,” and maybe “When?,” but forgets all about “How?” and “Why?”

We don’t hear who the dead kid’s father is. We don’t learn what the “mother” was doing out of the house. We don’t learn what her relationship is to the man who was driving her home.

There are a million reasons why bringing bastards into the world is terrible. But the “reporters” and editorialists either go DADT, or demand more welfare for womb-monsters. More “services.” More “programs.”

If you absolutely have to run to the store or the doctor (but not at 2 a.m.!), you carry the child inside with you. And who leaves a car running in front of a store in a ghetto neighborhood at any time of day, even without a sleeping child inside?

Could she have decided that she wanted the child dead (though she would have continued cashing those welfare checks and using the EBT card)? Possible. But she’s such a monster that it’s hard to maintain the distinction between negligence and murder.

31 05 2017
Dr Duke
31 05 2017

I have that in the hopper, but was going to save it for Sunday. That speaks to the lack of upkeep done at black cemeteries, so it’s no surprise that the coffins are also planted insouciantly.

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