If I Would Have Remembered, I Would Have Gone

22 05 2017


CMD was yesterday.  In the past, this event was always held on a Sunday in the month of April, usually the last Sunday in April, in accordance with the fact that April is Confederate History Month.  For some reason, it’s late this year.

Because of the current Taliban-style ethnic cleansing afoot against things Dixie, which also includes the putsch relating to the UDC’s Forest Park monument, the P-D actually took an interest in this year’s CMD.  One of the named leaders is in my ‘Dex, and that reminds me to give him a call to see how he’s doing.  Though when I do, he’ll probably pester me about why I haven’t gone to grad school or law school, but if he brings that up, I’ll tell him about my startup.  (Which, BTW, I’ll actually be able to start up in the formal sense after the Fourth of July, and close to that time, I’ll be able to tell you what my startup is all about.)

I wrote here a few days ago that with a road in Hazelwood and the Hazelwood branch of the St. Louis County Library being named Utz, that if the anti-Dixie Taliban knew what “Utz” represents, they’d try to wipe Utz, too.  This article fills in those blanks.  What it does not say is that James Morgan Utz was, at the time of his capture, in the company of a distant grandfather all the modern-day Fusz men, as in the Fusz family of car dealers.

Also, I thought of something after I read this. Not that I want the UDC’s memorial to be removed, but if the politics of the matter don’t swing our way, then maybe a compromise is that it could be moved to Fee Fee Cemetery. Which is something I’ll talk about to the aforementioned individual.




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