The Friendly Ghost of Sam Francis Continues to “Haunt”

22 05 2017

Washington, D.C.

Michael Lind, channeling James Burnham, and it all reads so Francisian.

This is one of those meter-click online journals that gives you x number of free articles per month.  So my advice is to cut and paste the text and insert it into a text editor like Notepad.




One response

22 05 2017

After having printed it out, (so I can write margin notes), read it the first time, made margin notes, read it a second time, and made a few more margin notes, (my margin notes are sometimes more worthy than the original author’s writing), my conclusion is this:

Michael Lind’s egalitarianism prevented this missive from being one of the most profound essays of our time. Don’t get me wrong — Even with that drawback, it’s still very good, and worth the time.

For instance, I think this essay has a lot of frequent crossover with cognitive stratification, of the Murray-Herrnstein telling. The problem is that Lind can’t let himself think about cognitive stratification, because he keeps hearing it’s necessarily a function of racialism and racial supremacism.

Since racialism and supremacism doesn’t bother me, I can fuse the two together and fill in the blanks. Populist revolts, the sort Lind somewhat romanticizes, are becoming more and more impossible, precisely because cognitive stratification, further complicated by the artificial intelligence revolution, are resulting in a situation where there’s pretty much an IQ line of demarcation, where if you’re above it, you’re almost 100% certain to be in the managerial elite, and because as Herrnstein noted, that which we have done to make things more egalitarian have actually contributed to intelligence becoming entirely a heritable trait with no environmental contribution, thereby eliminating regression/progression to the mean, you’ll say there. Everyone below the IQ line, will stay in the bottom. This means that there won’t be any populist-popular revolt possible because there won’t be anyone in the masses of desperate humanity with the necessary intelligence to think things through and foment and lead such a revolt. And, as AI gets better, the number that is the IQ line of demarcation will increase.

Lind thinks that by itself, things can accidentally get better for the working classes of the world simply because China will become an increasingly potent challenger to American global hegemony. Thing is, with cog-strat and AI, I don’t think that, even if the managerial elites have to think a little less globally and a little more locally, there will necessarily be inexorable pressure on them to share the wealth with Mr. and Mrs. Joe America Average.

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