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23 05 2017


Ma Gentle Giant is finally graduating from high school.


Lezley McSpadden, 40, the mother of Michael Brown, will receive her high school diploma on Friday through a new adult high school program at the Jennings School District.

The program started after McSpadden met with Jennings Superintendent Art McCoy in the fall to discuss how her nonprofit, the Michael O.D. Brown We Love Our Sons and Daughters Foundation, could collaborate with the district, McCoy said. During the conversation, McCoy said he brought up the fact that she had still yet to earn her high school diploma after she dropped out of school to raise her son.

“I turned the conversation toward saying, I know she dropped out of school when she had Michael Brown, and that we had to get her educated and get a diploma,” McCoy said. “What better way is it to honor your son than to get the degree he got?”

Which means she was born in 1977, which I can attest was a good year to be born.  The problem with this story is GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS was born May 20, 1996, so she was 19 when she gave birth to him.  Under a normal time scale, she would have graduated the previous May, which happened to be the same month I graduated from high school, May 1995.  May 20, 1996 minus nine months is August 20, 1995, so she would have gotten with Pa Gentle Giant about three months after she would have graduated.  So, neither her expectancy nor her giving birth actually happened while she was in high school.  Meaning her story about having to drop out to raise Baby Gentle Giant is a crock.

She probably dropped out for other reasons.

OTOH, now that she has a high school diploma, she is now eminently qualified for all those jobs out there which only require a high school diploma.

UPDATE 5/24:  P-D made a mistake about her age in the first version.  See the comments below.




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24 05 2017

Did Rachel Jeantel ever drop out of high school? I believe she was still enrolled at 19, possibly 20. I don’t know how long schools have been keeping students like this, who in all likelihood should have flunked out, in school past 18 so it doesn’t look as bad statistically for them. I could see that being the case with McSpadden.

24 05 2017

Now the article states she is 37. Which is it…40 or 37?

24 05 2017

The revised article says at the bottom that the original version misstated her age. She’s really 37 now, which means she was born in 1980, which means she was 15 when she conceived and 16 when she gave birth. Which borks my whole contention.

26 05 2017
27 05 2017


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