Remember, This Is an Educational Institution

23 05 2017


Missouri Net, in advance of the formal naming of the new Chancellor at Mizzou:

According to the State University of New York website, Dr. Cartwright has served as Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of the 64 campus system since September 2014.  He’s credited with introducing a “sweeping diversity, equity and inclusion policy” to all the school’s campuses and it’s administration.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Okay, I’ll start with the good news.

The Mizzou curators haven’t forgotten anything.

But, then, the bad news.

The Mizzou curators haven’t learned anything.

Which is a really dangerous thing when you’re running a major educational institution.  When that’s your job, it helps to be able to learn things.

For noobs, here’s what Mizzou was really about.




2 responses

24 05 2017

That’s great analysis of the Mizzou situation (thought so at the time). I also think it is at least somewhat analogous to the deep state of both parties wanting to axe outsider Trump.

25 05 2017

He says his goal for Mizzou is “inclusive excellence.” While he’s at it, he should have the chemistry department work on dry liquid water.

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