So, You’re Not Going to Remove Kebab?

23 05 2017


Patel-type quickie marts all over North County are being officially knocked back, on various grounds.


Authorities say that this is a criminal investigation, not an immigration matter.

That sentence by itself should tell you who owns the quickie marts that are being raided.  You know, that whole power of inference/implication thingy at work.

OTOH, it means the problem won’t be truly solved.  In as much as one thinks that the grounds of the official investigation is really a problem.  Of course, the cynical side of me (though I repeat myself) thinks that that’s the main reason why this investigation is even happening and why these raids even happened, is because the Patels are allegedly in the illicit interstate cigarette tax arbitrage business.  Missouri is the lowest cig tax state in the union, so it was a matter of the Patels selling cheap Missouri cigs to that way higher cig tax state on the other side of the river.  And when you’re depriving governmental entities of taxes, you’re hindering the ability of those entities to pay their cops.  The king’s soldiers will always and very diligently enforce the king’s taxes, (it’s the last thing they’ll do even if it kills you, cough cough, Eric Garner, cough cough), so that the king has the money to pay the king’s soldiers.




2 responses

23 05 2017

Instead of that which my startup is actually going to be about, (which I’ll reveal in due time and shortly), I should have started a Kebab removal service.

31 05 2017
Not Removing Kebab, Part II | Countenance Blog

[…] More knock backs of the Patel-owned quickie marts, not only here in The STL, but also in other cities.  It happened today, to match a similar set of raids last week. […]

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