All the Hoopla

26 05 2017


A whole lot of hype and hoopla and noise over…

…A special election in…



The last time people were that interested in Montana, Dan Seals and Marie Osmond were singing.




3 responses

26 05 2017
26 05 2017

I don’t know anything about this Greg Gianforte, so I’m just going to have to go off of past experience and bet that all that really happened yesterday was that Paul Ryan now has another useless cuck in his caucus.

26 05 2017

^ Maybe, but the larger point is that the gloves are off on both sides now. I’m with VD on this: “…all Gianforte was doing was punching Nazis. He just defines the term “Nazi” a little differently, although no more flexibly, than the media does.”

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