Confused About Something

27 05 2017

Washington, D.C.

If the Trump Administration isn’t softening up on Putin to the degree or at the rate we in the Alt-Right think we should, it’s precisely because of Jared Kushner.

Yet, we’re supposed to believe that Kushner wanted a secret com-link to the Kremlin, presumably to facilitate better relations?




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27 05 2017

Another WTF is that the media hid this “bad news for Trump” on a Friday afternoon before the start of a three day holiday weekend.

27 05 2017

I though JK took Chinese money, not Russian.

27 05 2017
Alex the Goon

I don’t think Echoes are too picky when it comes to money.

27 05 2017

The most confusing assertion is that Kushner was setting up this back channel link this past December, well after the election was over. The people making this assertion are the same ones that claim Trump spent the entire election cycle conspiring with the Russians to win the election. Don’t know why he needed a new back channel if the old one worked so well.

28 05 2017

Great point!

28 05 2017

Not long after CMC, JFK established a b/c com-link with the Kremlin.

28 05 2017

I’m afraid we’re blaming everything we don’t like on Kushner, much like lefties think O’Bannon is running the WH. With the refugee news this weekend, I’m now officially in the “He’s better than Hillary” camp regarding DT. It was fun having hope for the future, even if only for a little while.

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