Memorial Weekend Wrap-Up

29 05 2017


* “But black people don’t read.”  Hardy har har, zomg stereotyping, you might want to say.

But realize that the public library in Ferguson barely suffered a scratch during either outbreak of vibrancy.  Though, to be fair, the public library in Ferguson is along North Florissant Road, which is also where city hall and PD HQ is, not along West Florissant Avenue, the more infamous drag of Fergaza Strip lore.

* That’s only a little late, by Amtrak standards.

* Burroughs student.  Though I can’t deny that I’m a bit jealous, because this blog should be the Internet’s most-read St. Louis-based political-social opinion node.

* Okay, stupid dindu.  If you’re on the lam because you caught two bodies, and you deliberately leave town to the tune of several hundred miles, wouldn’t you make it your business not to run around naked in your hideout town?

I swear, if they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous.  Thankfully, they’re not that dangerous.


* Rahm to World:  You’re “welcome here” in Chicago.

To be more specific, you’re welcome to do whatever you want to the local black undertow.


* Just an honest mistake, to be sure.

Do you want to know the real reason why they were let in?  Because MS-13 will bing-bang on the black undertow.


* Didn’t I tell you not to pre-judge Millennials based on the way they seem to be right now?  Didn’t I tell you that that generation is going to change up in about the middle of their lives in ways that will shock us?

* Gotta love that intersectionality, though there’s no word on how it would affect the school-to-prison pipeline.

* Gotta love that intersectionality, Part II.

* I get it now.  The relative lack of black students’ academic success so far is a direct function of the buildings they’ve been trying to learn in being named for people who were secretly Kluxers a century ago.

* Yeah, well, hooray.  OTOH, now you know why the high school diploma, even one from a really good high school, is useless, and has been that way since at least some point in the 1970s.

* The judge isn’t taking a leap of faith, he’s joining a cult.

It says he smashed a brick against the skull against one of the men who works for the property management company that manages the apartment complex where he lives, because he was mad he was turning his water off.  Usually, for renters, the landlord or property manager directly pay the water bill.  Therefore, if the water was being shut off, it was only temporarily and because other maintenance that needed to be done required it.

* It’s amazing how quickly the other side has turned into us in the Era of the OCGE.  What next?  The NYT will run full page spread ads for storable food?


* Gotta love that intersectionality, Part III.

* “Sexual Emergency D00d” got his slap on the hand reduced to a love pat on the hand.

* From Denmark.  I can see why dad was so upset — The young man just had to boink his daughter, when there were perfectly good goats all around.

* Happy?  For the circumstance?  Yes.  But I always go back to thinking that I personally was maybe one election away from being Stephen Miller.

* The Erdogan-Gulen feud is now spilling over into…bouncyball.

* Oh well, good ole Mohammed wuz rockin’ dem’ Js.


* Something I learned right away when I took it up.  Carrying a 15-20 pound sack on your back for about five and a half miles of walking, all the while having to contend the mental nuances of the game, is both physically and mentally taxing.  It’s why many golf clubs and country clubs have locker rooms and showers.

* It’s only one of many such paradoxes.  For example, if you are in St. Louis City or St. Louis County, because you’re also in the state of Missouri, a 20-year old and a 14-year old can legally have sex, but because they’re in either one of two jurisdictions that have recently raised the cigarette buying age to 21, they can’t have the cigarette afterwards.

* I, too, think that Roger Moore was the best James Bond, and while it’s tempting to engage in this kind of generational gloating, (though one should note that Moore himself was at the tail end of the Greatest Generation), I think there’s a universal case to be made on his behalf.

* Written by someone who fell asleep during supply and demand day during economics class.





7 responses

29 05 2017

Late entry.

I know you can get almost anything at Wal-Mart, but this is ridiculous.

29 05 2017
David In TN

My age group will always consider Sean Connery the best James Bond, but Roger Moore was closer to Ian Fleming’s vision of Bond.

Sean Connery was a working class Scot from the Edinburgh slums while Bond is supposed to be an English Public School man. Roger Moore fits this better than Connery.

The stupid dindu was found walking naked along a road in McNairy County Tennessee? That’s two counties away from me. And it’s the county Buford Pusser was sheriff of in the 1960’s. Pusser was the subject of the Walking Tall movies.

29 05 2017

Another late entry.

Remember, just yesterday, the Boy Scouts were a bunch of fire breathing homophobic knuckledraggers.

29 05 2017
29 05 2017

One of my running themes: The unsustainability of the Olympics model.

29 05 2017

If the predictive analysis algorithms were right, then Chicago’s body count this long weekend should be way down.

30 05 2017

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