Rookie Mistake

29 05 2017

Arlington, Virginia

Because it happened at the same time I was paying my annual visit to the final resting places of my own veteran relatives at Jefferson Barracks, (a blood uncle, an uncle by marriage, and a great uncle, all Korean vets, the uncle by marriage the Pentagon technically considers a casualty, as he died in 1988 from injuries sustained while in Korea that didn’t kill him right away), I wasn’t able to watch President Trump’s remarks at Arlington National Cemetery live.  I did watch them on the replay.

I have to be honest with you. I know he loves adoration, and I know out of respect, the assembled audience was going to applaud him. But I wasn’t cool with him smiling in reaction before he started.

This isn’t a joyous day; His facial expression should have been funereal.




One response

30 05 2017

Unlike Bill Clinton who was laughing/smiling until the cameras were on him, and he immediately put on his “funereal face”.

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