And Also, They Improperly Stapled Paperwork

30 05 2017



Cop who killed Tamir Rice fired for job application omission

The police officer who shot and killed Tamir Rice was fired Tuesday for failing to disclose that he had been forced out of another department before Cleveland hired him, while his partner was suspended for driving too close to the 12-year-old seconds before the boy was killed.

If they can’t get you on the substance of the thing, because you actually didn’t do anything naughty, they’ll get you for some sort of process bullshit.




3 responses

30 05 2017

Case like this requires un-official payback from union and rank and file. Target brass involved for extreme background and history checks (nobody’s pure as snow), and release it publicly thru backdoor channels.
The term is sandbagging.

30 05 2017

Those two LEO’s did a public service by eliminating that little spook who would have eventually murdered an evil YT. You have to be a damn fool today to be a LEO.

31 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Equal credit goes to the phone tipster.

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