Heavy Weather, Many Many Many Miles Ahead

30 05 2017


The GA-6 hoopla serves as a backdrop for the Silver Mines telling us what we figured out quite some time ago and predicted long before that.

I’m going to take it a step further and reiterate the prediction I made here three years ago that these are gray skies that will remain over blue team club house for a very long time to come.  Provided the democratic republican system is still extant when this happens, i.e. provided there isn’t some drastic political upheaval, one sort of which this neoreactionary is hoping for.  Voting, in voting-intensive political climates with a lot of black people, is something black people really want when they don’t have it, and will use if they get it from a vantage point of never having it before, but like the toy that a six-year old just has to have but quickly gets bored with it, given enough time, black people will get bored with the franchise, and once all the black people who have any conscious memory of a time when they couldn’t vote have become mentally incapable and then moved on to the next world, the black voting rate is going to fall very precipitously, in ways that would shock even Nate Silver.

Something tells me that someone in the blue team deep state has also figured this out, and that’s why that party so badly wants mass immigration.




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