Kids Are Not Poker Chips

30 05 2017

Brookhaven, Mississippi

Here and here.

It took awhile for all the details of what happened there to come out.  Of course, the mainstream media sat on them as long as they could, and it took the alt-media to leak the truth.

Reading between the lines, I think some adult woman was using the children she had with him as bargaining chips in the politics between and among the two of them, and he raged out.

Therefore, this is one instance where I’m not doing the nany nany nyah nyah black undertow thing.  Plenty of guys who look like me do this kind of thing, and the proximate causation of it all is the insanely biased pro-woman and pro-mother family court law paradigm.




One response

30 05 2017

I do not know nor have heard of too many evil YT guys who mass murdered people in custody disputes. Regards this situation, with the exception of the LEO (RIP), winning.

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