Play a Stupid Game, Win a Stupid Prize

30 05 2017

Boulevard Heights

Another entry in the series of “55 is the new 70.”  What I mean by that is that time was that you took your life into your hands when you drove I-70 through St. Louis City, but in recent months, I-55 through the city has been the really dangerous drag.  This happened just an eyelash north of Weber Road, which, along 55, is the boundary between St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

Contrary to the other curious incidents on 55, since this one involves heroin, it’s probably not an example of vibrancy.  Either way, if we there are any follow-up stories about this incident, we’ll hear for the 87,000,000,000,000,000th time the excuse that Missouri doesn’t have an opioid script registry.




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30 05 2017

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