Hard Luck Life

31 05 2017

Los Angeles

“Being black in America is tough…”

“Net worth $275 million in 2016…”

Cleaning spray paint off the house he owns but doesn’t live in will probably eat up most of his fortune.




3 responses

1 06 2017
John Vawter

It was here in LA. Chances of it being a white person are pretty slim.

1 06 2017
Nicholas Stix

You beat me to the punch!

1 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah, its amazing how these fake “hate crimes” pop up regularly when Divershitty Clown gets close to retirement and the free and easy money begins to run out. “Racism” is how these bonehead retards managed to get anywhere in Western Civilization. Childish Games won’t get these outdated fossils a meal in their Stone Age Homeland of Genetic Failure. One Million Years of Evolution cannot be gotten from Lyin’ Lincoln or the banking fraud forever. Without “White Guilt”, the outdated fossil of The Stone Age is as DEAD as Denver the Last Dinosaur and his “peeps”.
We are the Future, and Uppity Nigger is the fossil fuel that my grandkids and their grandkids will use to get to work on Mars. Dump “Divershitty”. DO IT NOW. GET YOUR ASS TO MARS!

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