Rahm Need Not Have Worried

31 05 2017



If I’m doing PR for Rahm, I tell him to do nothing, say nothing, intimate nothing, about the news of the raw population decline.

Because, considering the demographics of who is coming at some number x, and who is leaving at some larger number y, it’s good news.

Instead, Rahm just had to open his mouth and insert his foot, with an excuse so lame that even the Chicago media that generally love him picked it apart.

When you’re leading the race, don’t do anything that’s going to make you trip over your own feet.

Of course, I have to consider the possibility that Rahm actually knows the time of day, and he knows he can’t gloat in public about his city losing black people, so he acts like he’s upset about the overall population loss, and deliberately spews what he knows is a bullshit excuse, to conceal his glee.





3 responses

31 05 2017
31 05 2017

Of course, remember, Rahm’s father was an expert on using less than above board means to move problematic competing ethnic groups out of the way.

2 06 2017

Didn’t make it past the censor there:

Don’t kid yourself, Chicago will be Democratic no matter what. Rahm, like the Daley kid before him, wants blacks out and works for it. Haven’t they been tearing down public housing and Section 8ing blacks out to Iowa or the burbs for decades? This is going on all over the country and it’s knowing policy. It’s a two-fer for them – they get rid of blacks and punish the lower and middle class white suburbs at the same time. Nothing warms a liberal’s heart like one of those whites getting raped or murdered by a non-white.

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