Thanks, But No Thanks

31 05 2017

Forest Park

OTOH, this will make the Rainbow Confederates and Cuckfederates so happy that they’ll hose their underroos.




5 responses

31 05 2017

Last night.

They’re right, the thing has just sat there for the last 102 years oppressing people.

Are there no psychiatrists left in town such that their dosages on their meds aren’t able to be increased?

31 05 2017

I gotta run to the left of you on this one. The negress is right.

31 05 2017

Of course she’s right. That’s not my point.

31 05 2017

But we should support her and attend her rally.

1 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Make no mistake, these niggers know jack about History. They want all-black societies and all black “culture” if you can call their Stone Age attitudes a “culture”. Notice how quickly these niggers take Thomas Jefferson off and put a nigger in there. George Washington becomes Denzel Washington. These niggers are tribal by genetics. Hunter gatherer is as far as these fossils ever got in The Real World.

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