The American Way

31 05 2017



Migrant children who come to Sweden after the age of seven are drastically falling in Swedish school standards since 1998 with only half being able to pass in 2014.

The results come from a new study by the Swedish Expert Group on Public Finance (ESO) who say that test scores of children from migrant backgrounds have greatly deteriorated since 1998.


The authors of the study also say there are performance differences based on the geographical origin of the children, with African migrants performing the worst.


In the heavily migrant-populated city of Malmo in southern Sweden, where 42 per cent of the population have foreign backgrounds, 17 per cent of the teachers in the city quit last year to move elsewhere. Many, including the teachers’ union, have said some schools have become dangerous for teachers due to widespread violence and criminality.

Don’t worry, Sweden, there’s a country whose national capital is some 4200 miles away from yours as the airlines fly, that has plenty of experience in bullshitting its way around this problem, creating an industry around pretending to solve the problem, while never actually doing so. Learn from this country. Learn well.

BTW, I wonder how “Waiting for Superman” translates into Swedish.




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