BT University

1 06 2017

Washington, D.C.

Campus Reform:

Profs pledge to ‘decolonize curricula’ to fight ‘privilege’


Professors at American University have penned an open letter to black female students, vowing to add more “minority voices” and “intersectional studies” to their classes.

“Dear Sisters” was published by a group of 18 AU professors in the school newspaper The BlackPrint, a student-run newspaper that describes itself as a “safe space for people of color” to learn about campus news and to “stay woke.”

The professors begin their letter by asserting that the campus may feel “hostile” and “dangerous” for black female students because of the “stresses of living amid White supremacy and fighting for social change.”

What they mean is the stress of having term papers, course projects, senior projects and finals.

Haven’t you ever noticed that it seems like black bodies start bitching about oppression on campus every December and May?  Just when term papers are due and when finals happen.

The end game is a bunch of easy no-work courses for black bodies. That way, they’ll get to spend eight semesters doing the whoa are our oppressed black bodies thing, on their way to a degree, at which time, the black women who get them will be able to use that to get hired either into a government body, a NGO, a non-profit, corporate HR, or, with a little bit of grad school, right back into academia itself. On top of that, their degrees will be used as evidence for their incessant refrain that “we’z beez da most edumacated group.”




One response

1 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

After giving HS Diplomas to ignorant illiterate blacks they became worthless. I imagine the same will now occur to college degrees. The stupid march further down their road to irrelevance.

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