Repeat Mode

1 06 2017

Jefferson City

Hawley’s office is going to release the annually required LEO stop race data some time today.

I predict that they’ll show much the same thing they showed last current year, and the current year before that, and the current year before that…lather rinse repeat back to the first current year when this report was compiled.  And the official reaction will also be exactly the same as in all the previous current years — Lots of ZOMG DWB LOL~!!!!!!1 paranoia, zero truth.

Personally, I think the Missouri Attorney General’s annual report on race and traffic stops needs more Pepe.




One response

1 06 2017

75% more likely is the key takeaway.

Considering that the black-white rate multiple when it comes to violent crime is rather high, then if blacks are only being pulled over by rate 75% more often, then they’re getting off easy, and they’re not being pulled over enough.

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