2 06 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Just to prove that consistency is A Thing, when I reached 10,000 posts on June 24, 2012, considering the blogging pace I was on, I estimated that I’d reach 20,000 posts in mid-June 2017.

I’m two weeks early.

It also means that my 2,000 post a year pace has been rather steady for quite a long time.

From time to time, I get the question about where is my tip jar, or where I can send a donation.  The answer is there is no tip jar, and don’t send donations.  This is and has always been purely a labor of love hate love for me.  It doesn’t take up much of my time — For one of many reasons, notice that few of my posts are ever that long.  Most of my posts are just one or two line tabloid-snark.  I’ve also never felt the pressure to blog just for the sake of blogging.  I’ll blog when I’m in the mood, and it’s just a matter of open text editor, type away, cut paste proofread publish.  I also have no desire to move into the YouTube/video sector.  One, I can’t afford to out myself like that, two, those of you who know me personally will agree when I say that the strength of my language and communication portfolio is way more the written word than the spoken word.  Oratorically, I am really heavy on my feet, and I need a script or at least an outline.

If there’s any disappointment from this milestone, it’s that, now that I’m finally able to devote all my professional energy to my startup as of the start of this week, aiming for a public debut (in as much as my startup is really intended for mass public consumption; I’ll fill in the blanks in due time) after the Fourth of July.  That may interfere with my blogging time, but once again, since it doesn’t take up much of my time, all it might do is make me do posts sooner or later than I would ordinarily.

Housekeeping:  May 2017 was a record traffic month for this medium.




5 responses

2 06 2017

Good work! I find myself checking in here 2-3 times a day compared to just once daily as I used to. Definite sign of improvement.

2 06 2017

I remember that 10,000th post post. I see I left a comment on it to.

Where the hell did those five years go?

2 06 2017

I’d like to know where the 29 years went since I learned the summer I was 11 years old that there’d be a near-St. Louis total solar eclipse in the summer of my being 40 years old.

Between the 10,000th and 20,000th posts, there’s been a whole lot of life for both of us. For you, it has been a steady upward trajectory, and, as we all know, for me, it was a quick rise, then a very precipitous fall immediately thereafter, then the worst continuous 11 months of my life, and then, slowly being able to climb the ladder again.

2 06 2017

Forgot to ask, are you close to that rockfish situation down there in House Springs along the Big River?

Though on the other hand, that’s way more a matter of what it’s always about, guy hits puberty, nuts pump a lot of T around the body, fries an immature brain, so he does something stupid which gets himself killed.

2 06 2017


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