Already Obsolete

2 06 2017

Mountain View, California

What today’s Google Doodle is about.

Problem is, I predict that the Rainbow Flag will soon be panned as non-inclusive and problematic.  For the same reason why the LGBTQ… Grand Acronym is now considered obsolete and old shoe and borderline social injustice-y, because it forces people of alternate orientation to choose the rigid categories of a single letter, and the whole thing is being swept away and being replaced by the Genderbread Person, I predict the Rainbow Flag will soon be sent to the same ash heap of history where Confederate statues are going.  You see, the Rainbow Flag only originally had eight and now only six solid horizontal bar colors.  Why so limiting?  Especially when the normal human eye can discern 10 million individual colors, and 48-bit computer color is some 281 trillion colors.  (Incidentally, even though the human eye can only see 10 million colors, you need computers to be able to show 48-bit/281 trillion colors, because the human eye is more sensitive to slight shade changes in certain colors, such as the yellows, than others, especially the blues.  Which means just to show all the yellows that the human eye can see, you need to slice up all colors in the same gradation that you slice up the yellows, even though the human eye can’t actually discern between blues that finely.)

The only kind of truly social justice-y flag is a flag that is a smooth transition between red on top and violet on the bottom.

You know?  I could have been a really good social justice warrior.




2 responses

2 06 2017
Alex the Goon

In the first frame of the gif, the figure in the lower-right corner appears to be attempting autofellation.

3 06 2017

The Blue Oyster Bar type gays in the police hats and leather chaps have their own black and blue rainbow flag. I always thought they were the funniest faggots to spoof for comedic effect, the combination of faggotry and those leather outfits is absurd.

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