Philly Olympics

4 06 2017


Assault and battery with bricks must be the city’s official sport, because this is the third such incident from that city I’ve read about in the past four years.

Other than that, a whole lot of WRPT opportunities can be found here.

Such as:

“There are not enough safety resources,” she said. “The principal has to jump in and stop fights, and he can’t protect everybody alone. We just want safe schools.”

Fitler, she said, does not have a full-time school police officer. Having such a person might have calmed the situation before it escalated, Cooper said.

But wait — We’ve been told for the past almost three years that the very sight or presence of cops enrages black people.  We’ve also been told that law enforcement in schools equals the dreaded SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE Y’ALL.

Also, I tend to do the whole Occam’s Razor thing and conclude that it’s the presence of ghetto blacks rather than the absence of cops which is the real precipitating factor.

And then:

Gloria Tankard, mother of two daughters who attend Fitler, said that some Mastery students had come to the school for the last two Wednesdays, early-dismissal days for Mastery schools.

“They get out of school, and they wait for the Fitler kids to come out, and they start fighting,” Tankard said. “They walked in the schoolyard, and they started punching some seventh and eighth graders in the face, and they knocked some little kids down.”

So, basically, the Filter Academy for High Achieving MIT-Bound Super-Geniuses is the Hutus, and the Mastery Preparatory Academy for Future Johns Hopkins Neurosurgery Professors is the Tutsis.

“My daughter said it’s a mess,” Tankard said. “She doesn’t understand why this is happening.”

All she needs to do is wait a few paragraphs:

Scott Gordon, CEO of Mastery Charter Schools, said the organization was “deeply upset” with the actions of some of its students. Based on video of the incident, Mastery officials were able to identify some of the attackers as their students, including three from Mastery’s disciplinary program.

“It’s particularly upsetting. These are students we are trying to support,” Gordon said. Students there have committed serious infractions and receive a range of help, including therapy and other services.

And there’s your answer, Daughter Tankard — The members of the school’s FFA Club, Future Felons of America, are pandered to and mollycoddled.




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