When UBI Meets BCC

4 06 2017

Cairo, Egypt and Tehran, Iran

First off, whoa unto the person who has to key in names like Djavad Salehi-Isfahani and Mohammad H. Mostafavi-Dehzooeifrom.

Now, for the social science at hand:

I tend to agree.  I don’t think the existence of UBI will in se wreck much in the way of peoples’ work ethic.  It might to a relatively small percentage of people.  But I also happen to think that if UBI “seems” to cause people to work less, there are two better explanations:  One, the individuals in question never had much of a work ethic to begin with, and didn’t much work to begin with, or two, the modern cognitively stratifying economy has made them functionally unemployable.  The second explanation is one of the big reasons why UBI is both being considered to begin with and an inevitable feature of our political and economic future.

From there, (uncomfortable and taboo discussion of HBD and racial differences censored).




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