Better Weekends We Have Had

5 06 2017

St. Louis City

A Chicago-style long weekend-ish body count, and that’s saying a lot, because Chicago has way many more dindus.

But don’t worry.  After the cops get a pay raise and the UDC’s monument in Forest Park is removed, it’ll all clear up and get better.

What?  You don’t believe me?  Well, read the story — One of the incidents was a multiple shooting/homicide incident on Hampton just south of Forest Park, close to the Steak-n-Shake.  You know that was a direct consequence of the UDC’s monument.  Or, alternatively, a direct consequence of Steak-n-Shake no longer having the Sriracha Steakburger.




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5 06 2017

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Read very carefully, and you’ll be able to ferret out the inference that the President of the St. Louis NAACP thinks that cops are a legitimate effective deterrent to (“black”) violent crime. When, almost three short years ago, the same NAACP was peddling the notion that white cops do nothing but brutalize and torture black babies’ bodies.

5 06 2017

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