As We Watch All Other Options Be Exhausted

6 06 2017


It’s because cops aren’t being paid enough.  You knew that already, because you’re already well versed in LydaLogic.

But now, we were witness to the birth of a brand new excuse yesterday.  It’s because the ACAs aren’t being paid enough.  Call it KimLogic, or rather, SorosLogic because her candidacy was Soros-funded.

Through all that, nobody in official capacity thought to blame the UDC monument in Forest Park, not a once yesterday.  They’re slipping.

But, today’s a new day.

Eventually, they’ll blow through so many excuses that the truth will be all that’s left.  Winston Churchill once said of Americans that we do the right thing after having exhausted all other options.

Or, maybe, the existence of a problem is being used as an opportunity to hustle.




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6 06 2017

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