Big Field v Safe Spaces

6 06 2017

Hoboken, New Jersey

I think the statistics are pretty close to accurate, but I also wonder why a student loan consolidation/refi company commissioned such a poll.  Why are they so interested in this issue?  There has to be some sort of through line between safe spaces and student debt.  Maybe it’s because the safe space special snowflakes run up a lot of debt and can’t parlay their studies degrees into jobs that give them the income to repay.

I’ll say it again:  There aren’t that many special snowflakes.  They and the professors who are allied with them just happen to make a lot of noise, because the professors, as highly intelligent people, know how to amplify whispers into deafening rock concerts.  There was a lot of hoopla after our OCGE won the election that colleges were full of traumatized snowflakes seeking safe spaces and refuge from the Armageddon that was about to start, but people actually on these schools saw no such thing.  It was nothing more than the schools’ diversity and inclusion bureaucrats manufacturing a bunch of PR and press releases to draw attention to themselves and fluff up their own importance.




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