Box Banning Mood

6 06 2017


Instapundit’s latest op-ed in McPaper.

There’s probably nobody more than your ever-hatin’ Blogmeister who wants to reverse credential creep.

And I seriously wish it was as simple as doing what Glenn Reynolds calls for.

Rainbows, puppies, kittens, teddy bears.

He knows the reason why his suggestion isn’t anything more than tongue-in-cheek.  Because, if you take it literally, then you’re someone who isn’t aware that worrying about TEH GAP, and race-based affirmative action, and the noxious legal doctrine of MUH DISPUT IMPAK, is what set off the vicious cycle of credential creep to begin with.  If we just ban the college box, then employers/personnel/HR will have to depend on sorting mechanisms that either the Supreme Court and/or Federal civil rights laws made either actually or effectively illegal.




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