It’s a Vicious Cycle

6 06 2017


Vox Day reacts to the story like this:

Pretty soon there will be no one left to claim fake-raped 4 out of 5 college women.

The irony in the way Vox phrases it is that it’s a vicious cycle.  The more female the undergraduate college environment becomes, the more it will chase men away, thereby making it even more female, thereby driving away even more men.  And by “men,” let’s be honest — They mean white men.

To reiterate a theory I’ve stated here several times in the past, the genesis of the paranoia about a rape culture on college campi is the very fact that, in recent decades, the college undergraduate student body has flipped from being heavily majority men to now solidly majority women, and trending to being more female, and the fact that these college women have middle aged fathers that do what the middle aged fathers of young women do, that is, worry their asses off.  If you’re a father, and you have a son, the only dick you have to worry about is his own, but if you have a daughter, you’ve got to worry about virtually every postpubescent dick out there.  So, in the old days, when college student meant man, the middle aged fathers of the time and place only had to worry about one dick at a time, but now that college student means woman, the middle aged fathers of our time and place have to worry about every dick in existence, especially those that chronically surround her on campus.  This is why the middle aged fathers of our time and place sociopolitically connived with college administrators and politicians to punish college men who have sex with college women.  All I had to do was reverse engineer these college rape tribunal horror stories to figure that the way not to get caught up in them is not to have sex with women if I was a college student, and the people most happy about that would be the fathers of these women.  You’ll also remember that the whole ball of wax got rolling with a “Dear Colleague” letter from the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IX/OCR division to many college presidents, during the Obama Administration.  That’s Obama, as in Barack Obama, as in the father of…two teenage daughters, one a young adult now in her gap year before starting college in August, and the younger one will soon be a college student herself.

This is also the real heat source behind the slow effort to eliminate college fraternities.  Today’s middle aged father was probably in a frat himself when he was in college, so he remembers what he was like and what it was like.  But now, he has a daughter on campus, a campus with frat guys and frat houses.  Oh no, no way, not having any of that.

Yet, these are the same people that hate the religious right and scoff at teenagers’ and young adults’ abstinence pledges.

Except…they don’t.  These people talk ’60s but live ’50s.




2 responses

6 06 2017

Middle-aged fathers have virtually zero influence on today’s campii, about this or anything else. The real driving forces are: ugly girls, lesbians, and white-hating racism.

7 06 2017

Well they are slitting the throat of their civilization, so they’d probably be better served to cut it out.

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