The Face of the Deep State

6 06 2017

Augusta, Georgia

Damn, I was expecting black hat, black suit, black tie, black suitcase, ugly and partially pixellated face.

Whoever knew the deep state would be so gorgeous?

That name though…Reality Show Winner.

Even though she’s a left wing kook, and even though I think she tried to leak a fake “sting” “classified” document formulated specifically to nab leakers…

…I’d smash.

Augusta, Georgia, huh?  Maybe I could parlay it with a tee time at Augusta National.

Nah, I’m dreaming on both counts.




9 responses

6 06 2017

Would smash until I saw the hideous giant tattoos on her back (pics from her Facebook are floating around). Yuck!

6 06 2017

That would be a turnoff.

Except, at the risk of TMI, I’m not into smashing through the back door.

6 06 2017
Alex the Goon
6 06 2017

Yeah, the more I see, the more that pic of her in this post must already be a few years old.

6 06 2017

hopefully, Reality will get a huge dose of a prison sentence as part of her Reality. There are probably about 1,000,000 Terror-Supporting, FGM supporting, vicious bigoted anti-white racists self-identified as Democrats that need to be locked up for 20 + years (after good time)

6 06 2017

Her back tramp stamps notwithstanding, this is a relatively rare example of a looker who is also a SJW. Usually, the SJWs are either fat ugly women or scrawny beta or lower men who hook on to SJWism purely as a means to force society to rewrite the precepts of attractiveness around them.

6 06 2017

That may be a college aged, not full sjw photo you posted. I saw another one on twitter from her SM that goes with a post about weight lifting, muscle girl ugly looking body, not tone and fit.

6 06 2017

I don’t know if I would call her a ‘looker’. More like a butter face. Those professional tats won’t look so good next to the prison variety. Surprised no one has photoshopped a tear in her cheek yet. I do kind of feel sorry for her, because she will be in prison for at least three years, and seven if Trump wins another term. It could be awhile before another Obama gets in.

6 06 2017

Eid Banger

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