North Kingshighway’s Excitement Comes to South Kingshighway

7 06 2017


And the local media are dutifully and accurately identifying the deceased as white.

Which means the warrant for the raid probably had something to do with meth dealing, meth brewing or heroin dealing.




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7 06 2017

And just as I upload this post, Channel 2 provides pic, and proves my theory right, though they don’t say which drug.

8 06 2017
9 06 2017

He was not white. He was half-spic, thus not Caucasian. But, how much dope was he moving for SWAT to raid him? The evil poleeces (and hobbitses) never raid negro drug dealers. Most probably, because they do not want to get into a situation where they shoot a negro. Thus, the darkies get a pass, and the other races get hot lead. Sounds equitable to me. Not.

9 06 2017

Why don’t they raid black dope dealers and dope houses that often?

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