Why Chobani Is My Chronic Crusade

7 06 2017

Twin Falls, Idaho

H/T my biggest fan.

Read it and weep.

Or, better, read it and make life for Hamdi Ulukaya as difficult as possible.




4 responses

7 06 2017

I’m going to take an unconventional view of this case. I think this case at some level represents how tolerant the Feds, and society in general, have been to local courts. Even in blatant cases of local corruption, most notably “cash for kids” in PA, the Feds just don’t care If Its local courts abusing poor defendants. I defer to our blog host on if that played a role in the local municipal court changes after the Michael Brown riots.

If the reports are true from Idaho, and a sealed juvenile case means all we have are reports, this local judge went on a 15 minute long tirade at the family of a child sex assault victim. In an era when the media, and at least the 2009-2016 DOJ are obsessed with police abuses, they don’t seem interested in even obvious cases of local judicial abuses. The (former) US Attorney makes sense given her bosses, and I presume the local DA was put in by the local pro-devlopment faction (They usually are).

One theory is that the Federal Article III Judiciary might see it as overreaching, or some bizarre cross between comity and professional courtesy, but I have a more simple theory:

The Feds need the State Courts to enforce Federal Judgements.

8 06 2017

Of all the things capable of initiating a violent spark – this is one of them (family, children).
This is why in Idaho, liberal, moderate and conservative (sic) elements can come to a “gentleman’s agreement” to keep the lid down on this one.
Sorry! It ain’t gonna freakin’ work forever!

16 06 2017
Dr Duke

I hope someone has sent this to Jeff Sessions. Talk about denying someone their civil rights under the color of law.

I know you are too busy as it is so maybe someone else will run with the idea. We need a stand alone webpage that documents this case and the rest of ‎Chobani’s refusegee scam.

Let people know what they are getting for their money.
I was thinking tastelikerape.com but I am open to ideas.

I’m just not smart enough to set up a decent looking page.

16 06 2017

Good timing on your part with this comment, because I got two good news phone calls about this this morning. Before now, I got three stores (all mom and pop operations) to pull Chobani. Now I found out this morning that a certain two-store mom-and-pop grocery business close to St. Louis has pulled it, thanks to my lobbying. Also, I got a call from this guy whom I played golf with back in April and said that he convinced his father to pull Chobani.


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