HRC Noticed Things

9 06 2017

Little Rock

The story.

The hot text:

SJWs are hounding her, for obvious reasons.  Our angle is her hypocrisy.

But why?

All she did was notice things.

I can understand why those in prison for property crimes are a huge risk in that situation, because if you get sent to prison for property crimes, it probably means you committed a lot of them and/or did a whole lot of damage in the process and/or made off with a lot of expensive loot.  It’s easy to see why being prison slave labor in the Governor’s Mansion would be way more of a temptation for them than they could handle.  But I don’t get the notion that murderers aren’t that dangerous.  However, the state of Arkansas’s correctional system by the time of the Bill Clinton governorship had the data and experience to prove that, as Kurt Angle might have said, it’s true, it’s true.

The explanation probably goes like this:  19-year old Ooktavious murks 19-year old Dindutavious based on some lame-brained impulsive TNB, because Bell Curve City.  (E.g. the last can of grape soda).  Ooky gets a Murder-2 rap on his sheet and a thirty-year bit for his trouble.  After a decade and a half in the joint and his testosterone starting to empty out, he has calmed down, the wild has worked out of his system, and he actually regrets what he did at 19.  So, yeah, thinking it through, I can understand that, if you have to pick one, a 35-year old inmate who is fifteen into a thirty for murder-two, or a 35-year old inmate who is on his third year of a five bit for his fourth residential burglary, both black, but they could both be white, then I get it.




5 responses

9 06 2017
David In TN

Here’s an Axiom of mine. American businessmen and politicians will take any decision (or not take a decision) if it will bring them more money. Even a small amount of money.

They don’t care in the slightest if someone may be hurt or inconvenienced. Just as long as it makes them richer.

Assuming this practice went on before the Clintons were in the Arkansas governor’s residence. it’s just another example of the Cheap Labor Religion. The people who run America have been like this since the 17th Century.

9 06 2017
Alex the Goon

I bet she was much less of a cunt toward her murderers-for-hire (paid in cigarettes), than her salaried staff.

9 06 2017

They were not even good for slave labor, if you needed a whip to motivate their lazy, black-asses.

10 06 2017

Hillary took that line of liberal bullshit straight from the movie “Brubaker” with Robert Redford. In reality – if Shitavious is a violent offender (murder at age 15, 16, 17, 18 etc…) he is far more likely to commit murder or another violent felony again when he gets out of prison regardless of age.

12 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

I don’t know why you’re even mentioning this man. The Left don’t like niggers. They don’t BELIEVE anything. Hillary Rotten has only one ideology: POWER. She started off as a Goldwater girl. She doesn’t feel uncomfortable with The Klan. Strom Thurman and Jesse Helms were big pals with her hubbie. Lets face it, she just picked the Strong Horse. Who wouldn’t given the choice? The Bush League Fambly and the fags like Willy Cuckley and Graham Crackers in the Lincoln Log Cabin only play for the Generals because they cannot even look tough. The neighborhood of a Social Just-us Warriloon is like Mayberry, just more pretentious and upscale. The only thing they really don’t like about rednecks is that they are poor. If this was a White Supremacist Country, Hillary Rotten would be going to NASCAR and meeting Pro Wrasslers like it was natural. Its power that draws them, not ideology.

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