Paging Messrs. Sapir and Whorf

9 06 2017


At TAI.  Go there, read the whole thing, because TAI is one of those low-odometer paywall websites.

The first part that interests me is TAI blockquoting from NR:

The sick irony is that giving great weight to well-roundedness and character is seen as egalitarian. Test prep serves the role of Satan in the theodicy of meritocracy, a ready explanation for the association between test scores and social class of origin.

Whenever I read “test prep” these days in at least a mildly pejorative connotation, I interpret an anti-Asian dog whistle.  Rich pseudo-progressive white people are playing their opposition to standardized testing and prepping for those tests off of the SJW politics of NAMs and their lower median scores on them, (“ZOMG CULTURALLY BIASED LOL~!!!!!1”), when all they’re really concerned about is that their silver spoon special snowflakes can’t beat the Asians on the SAT/ACT.

The second interesting part:

All elites justify their claims to power using the accepted language of their age.

It’s more than that.  They shape language around their power, they turn language itself into subtle apologetics of their power.  Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.




One response

10 06 2017

Part of being a white SJW for many is the comfort of being what was once referred to as a “slacker”.

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