The Race to the Gold Star Starts…NOW

10 06 2017

O’Fallon Park

There’s a massive epic irony in this story.  It’s hiding in plain sight.

You know the drill.  A gold star awaits the first finder.  Though you would have to be either someone who has closely followed St. Louis City news and politics for at least the last dozen current years, or a frequent reader of this space for that long, because the answer was one of my serial story lines for awhile, even though the politics of the matter have already depreciated.




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10 06 2017

Related. Because when I think of peace and quiet, I immediately think of motorcycles.

11 06 2017

Is it something about that community center?

11 06 2017

I can’t do it right now, but a little later, I’ll provide the context. But, nevertheless:

11 06 2017

The word black or its variants does not appear once?

11 06 2017

Here’s the context, in one of my posts from five years ago. Long and short of it is that the event took place in a relatively new edifice that was built as a response to black violent crime and the effort to deter it.

Now, hold that thought.

This event was today.

As part of it:

In addition, Reed is also pushing for more money in the budget for youth programs and improving recreation centers. “Our rec centers across the city need major upgrades to them. If we want the kids to go there and have organized play, we need to invest in those rec centers,” said Reed.

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