Nobody Else Need Apply

11 06 2017


First off:  Nicquayleeonntea?


At least you can find a former Vice-President in there.  I’ll give it that much.

Now, onward and upward to the subject matter.

I don’t have a problem with the program as such.  What I’m SMH about are:  (1) Why them, and (2) Why only them?

Let me put it to you this way:  If you have a high school transcript with a boatload of successful AP courses and AP tests, you’re not going to be able to convert them into college credits that easily.  More and more colleges aren’t accepting them.  Why not?  It all goes back to Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.  Applying Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition, to this matter, it’s because colleges want you in college, and more importantly, paying for college, as long as practically possible.  This means they’re not going to do anything that means that you’ll be out of college sooner than otherwise expected.  And they’re not going to accept all your 4s and 5s on AP tests.

So, why can these graduates of East St. Louis Senior High School slash Southwestern Illinois College get away with this?

Occam’s Razor, Blogmeister Edition.

The video says that Miss Moore did it to make her yardbird uncle proud of her, and that he’s like a father to her.  Putting aside the questionable contention that one should make your imprisoned relatives proud of you, this points to another taboo feature of Bell Curve City — Because of the “Mama’s baby papa’s maybe” doctrine, adult men often form paternal-style bonds with their sister’s children (sister by the same mother), rather than the ones that are purportedly their own, precisely because there’s a guaranteed genetic relationship with sister’s children, whilst they always have lingering doubts about the children that those babymammas pass off as “theirs.”




4 responses

11 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Its just not fair that only the smart and dedicated get into college. Did you ever think that if everyone went to college that you could dump the pretense of academics and brainwash people like a Soviet Gulag? Uh oh. There is nothing more empowering than being a cog in the machine. Join the dispossessed proletariat and fight the power by living as their slaves. You can hold up a sign on Sunday and protest the mistreatment of owls.

11 06 2017

Negrocity confuses me teacher.

16 06 2017
Dr Duke

In some African tribes the men support their sister’s kids. They know they are related. As far as their wife’s kids, who knows?

16 06 2017

Mama’s baby papa’s maybe

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