Sunday Wrap-Up

11 06 2017


* WRPT.  Dice game, and basketball.

* WRPT.  Another dice game.

* WRPT.  Aside from “Berkeley,” and the Dodge vehicles involved, another WRPT path is “Rock Hill,” which has a small but noticeable dinduistan.  Enough of one such that the professional gerrymanders in Jefferson City have taken great care to keep Rock Hill in Bill Clay’s and then Lazy Clay’s Congressional district.

* WRPT, failed.  “Feces flinger.”

* Something a little strange hit me about this story.

I know it’s been a long time since I was in college.  But from what I can remember, moving into the dorms didn’t happen until around mid-August.  So why is this one moving in now, in early June, only a very short time after graduating from high school?  I also remember a few weeks ago a story out of Indianapolis, carried here locally because the dindu that got clapped was a SIUC football recruit, in fact, already signed for the scholarship, and it said in passing that he too was scheduled to move in to the dorms in Carbondale on an early June date.

If I had to guess, it has something to do with college coaches wanting to keep their incoming roster personnel and also their incumbent ones off the streets during the summer, so they don’t get either murdered or arrested.

* RFT long form about Cherokee Street in recent years.   ICYMI, Drudge had Cherokee Street and Bruce Franks swinging a bat atop the marquee last fall.  This was after Franks was a victim of voter fraud, then the situation got resolved in his favor, but before he became a victim of black violent street crime.  One thing I forgot but the RFT article reminded me is that, the Casa Loma Ballroom, which is in the background of the Drudge picture on the right, once hosted a young up-and-coming singer named Frank Sinatra in 1939.

* Doesn’t sound to me like a BFD.  Unless certain people are going to make a race row out of “hootenanny.”


* “The United States has traditionally been very parochial, very provincial, with respect to language learning,” said Claude Goldenberg, a professor at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.

You don’t say.  You mean countries have a common language imperative?  The irony is that I’m reading this from a source called “France 24,” that is France which is obsessed with keeping the French language pure and free of external (i.e. English language) corruption.


* It’s like I predicted not long after Trump won, that we now had four identifiable political parties, and that the domestic politics of debate during the Trump Administration would smell a whole lot like the multi-party climates of Europe, especially the continent.

* Speaking of the Uniparty…

I vaguely remember Joe Biden and Mitt Romney being on the opposite side of Presidential politics several years ago.

* Et Tu, Paul Ryan?  Or something like that.


* Another one that read The Bell Curve but doesn’t know he did it, and even if his solutions won’t matter.

* Thereby proving my point, that SJWs are either homely obese women or scrawny gamma or lower men latching onto social justice in order to force society to put them at the top of the sexual totem pole.

* Unconstitutional, and unconscionable, for sure.  But, just for the record, the school is 58% white and 38% black.  My hunch tells me that they wanted to pat down a significant but minority percentage of only black students, but to do so in a school that’s 58-38 would have invited Jesse, Al, NAACP, SPLC, ACLU, deep state remnants of the DoE and DoJ, BLM, this that and the other.  Therefore, the school and the sheriff decided to pat down everyone, because the legal shitstorm from doing that, which seems only to involve the ACLU and an unknown Atlanta-based civil rights firm, is way preferable on both legal and PR grounds than doing it to the suspect students.

* Because SJWs are taking over the ad agencies.  Next brain buster?

* Staggering prediction, but not surprising.  Failing the politics of the matter, there are these things called “condoms.”  They’re not at all expensive.

* Detroit acting all Detroit-y, here and here.

* Remember Autumn Pasquale?  Of course, I ask that presuming you’ve even heard of her, and outside of the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia, hardly anyone has.  Anyway, I have some good news and bad news about the matter, both good and bad wrapped up in one news story.

He might have beaten the rap on Autumn, but we all knew he was well on his way to doing life on the installment plan.  These types generally do.  The one that got a long bit will himself be back in as soon as he gets out.

* Hey, look at what someone did to Fearless White GirlThey made her more social justice-y.

* Gotta love the first paragraph, for containing both “black” and “fraudulent.”  I mean, where would you get the crazy idea to juxtapose the two concepts?


* Who are we to argue with black science?  Or maybe they’re watching too much Kojak.

* Sometimes, the script does get flipped.

The pull quote is that the most common profession emeritus of American and Canadian retirees to this Ecuadorian town is college and university professor.  Which probably means they’re leftists who politically fawn over Ecuador.  Though, strangely, they’re not going to Venezuela.

* Here’s one of the main reasons why Pockeystahn is so Pockeystahn-y.  Yep, it’s suggestive of serial consanguinity, better known as “inbreeding.”  In fact, Pockeystahn is the country that either is or is close to the country with the highest rate of biologically dangerous close cousin marriage.

Though three men fathering 96 children sounds a little more like Memphis than Ghalanai.

* Former President Obama was in Montreal expounding on the problems of income and wealth inequality.

He must think there’s not enough of it, and he’s not enough of a beneficiary.

Though I should note that a $7,700 a minute wage will go a long way to fixing that problem.


* Here’s how we know for sure that the party is really over for my generation.  For this to happen to Ibiza and Tenerife Island would ordinarily seem like Hell freezing over, or Harlem turning white, or someone named “Barack Obama” becoming President of the United States to be followed by Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, these days and these days are over.

* About ten years ago, we learned that dogs have an innate sense of fairness.  We’ve learned more about it and more nuanced details about that since then.

* Florida Man isn’t going to give up his title to Minnesota Man or Edmonton Man or Swedish Man or Danish Man or French Man or London Man so easily.  Florida Man just needed some meth, LSD, and/or K2.

* This is uncomfortable to say, but I think moving the cat is what killed it.  Cats really don’t like to be moved long distances like that, especially not up in age cats.

* Is there anything that Pepe can’t do?

* Which wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Aside from the security issues, one of my curiosities about the IoT has been the necessity issue.  That is to ask:  Why must my microwave be connected to everything else that’s connected?  Does it want to play Global Thermonuclear War versus the neighbor’s dishwasher that badly?




3 responses

11 06 2017
Alex the Goon

Necessity of IoT – Because Current Year homemakers aren’t lazy enough yet. My brothers now-ex-wife used to complain about lacking purpose in life, which prompted a walk down Previous Century Lane — where women were so busy sewing, baking, killing chickens, pumping water, grinding flour, and lactating all damn day, they didn’t have any leftover energy to feel bored and useless. You’ve come a long way, bitch.

11 06 2017
David In TN

Your biggest fan, with some research assistance from yours truly, wrote about the Autumn Pasquale murder when it was adjudicated. Autumn’s parents have been trying to drum up support via petition for a law that would hold the parents of young offenders who murder children liable in civil court.

The latest news added some impetus to the effort, but it’s unlikely to succeed anyway.

11 06 2017
Alex the Goon

Talk about squeezing blood from a turnip. How many branches of those niggers’ fambly tree would you have to tax, to ever come close to compensating for the Pasquales’ loss?
Lynch them.

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