The Steve and Lyda Show

12 06 2017


A certain Mr. Rex S. is the executive producer.

This article informs most relatively tuned in people to something that they did not know until now, that that certain Mr. Rex S. both advocates and is going to drop coin.

I’ve known it for awhile, which is one of the main reasons why I’ve come up with my theory that the real heat source behind the politics of city-county reunification isn’t any of the high and mighty bullshit you’ve already read about and will continue to read about in the next few current years.  And it certainly has nothing to do with social justice.  No, the real heat source is the insurance industry and other interested industries looking to eliminate the 22nd Missouri judicial circuit.  A legal jurisdiction that is consistently either at or near the top of the “worst judicial hellholes” lists compiled by the insurance lobby and associated interest groups, into many of which a certain Mr. Rex S. also drops coin.  Secondarily, I think a motivation is to unify the statistical gathering and reporting of certain negative quality of life statistical measures, as “St. Louis” (as in the current independent city) often ranks at or near the top of the worst cities for these embarrassing things on a yearly basis, such as violent crime and STIs.  If city and county reunite, I’m sure one of the terms of reunion will be that the combined county will report crime and STI rates as if the whole newly-merged “county” was “St. Louis” as in the city proper.  I think there’s an outside chance that St. Louis City+County will become what Louisville and Nashville have become, that is, a combined urban-county polity encompassing Jefferson County, Ken., and Davidson County, Tenn., respectively.  Even if there will continue to be municipal units in the new combined entity other than St. Louis City, they’ll be a cartographic curiosity only.

That said, if the trial lawyer lobby, the sworn enemy of the insurance lobby, is paying attention, and thinks the merger politics are taking serious legs, they’re soon going to get their political machine cranking.  Likewise, the counter-arguments, which will themselves be heavily dependent on social justice slop, will be the same kind of smokescreen bullshit as the pro-arguments.




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13 06 2017

I am not the smartest person around but I will say this. They are LYING!!! Merging is no good to anyone. They did that here where I live….Macon, GA, merge county and city…it will be good for everyone. So people bought it and voted to merge…..(not me). Guess what they raised property tax shortly thereafter.

13 06 2017

The media and other propaganda in support complains about the myriad of taxes that various county municipalities levy. So we’re supposed to believe that governments are in the business of doing things which result in less money coming into governments?

13 06 2017

I caught Steve and Lyda on KMOX yesterday with Mark Reardon. They were very evasive about the ultimate goal of “better together” being City-County merger. Who are they trying to fool? And why would I want to have a board of Alderman in Clayton overseeing my little affluent burg dominated by city freaks? I see no benefits to me.

13 06 2017

Which is strange, because virtually ever P-D and TV news story about it plainly mentions either “merger” or “reunification.” Do they think the people that listen to KMOX local shows don’t also read or watch TV?

18 06 2017
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