Across from Gus’s

14 06 2017

Benton Park

If you’re going to Gus’s today for pretzels, you might see some commotion across the street over at the Shell.

Here’s why.

You know, 55 is the new 70.

Not only is that Shell a cop substation, and I knew that already, and there is plenty of signage to indicate, but the owner also welcomes CCW, also made plain by signage.

Which is why, whenever I do go to Gus’s, which isn’t that much anymore because I don’t need to be eating high carb foodstuffs like that, I scoot across the street and buy a (diet) soda from their fountain.

WRPT in full effect — With that much signage making it plain that cops hang out there and CCWers are welcome there, only someone that fucking dumb would try to jack it.  Which means…




3 responses

14 06 2017

D.C. Shooter was from Belleville

14 06 2017

Doer is Chazz Brown, 33, from Columbia. Google Image search “Chazz Brown,” and while none of them are probably the Chazz Brown in question, it does likely confirm the WRPT.

15 06 2017

What he did just moments before. This also confirms that Chazz Brown is, well, a bit darker than brown.

This attempted carjacking was near the St. Agnes Apartments, which is an old converted SLPS elementary school (Fremont), which various Catholic social service agencies run for the elderly.

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