Anyone Thinking Islam?

14 06 2017


Because it’s still Ramadanadingdoing, I think.

Then again, what suggests that this isn’t the seventh century death cult is that none of their goober groups have yet claimed responsibility.




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15 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Actually this might be those amazing Africants and their propensity to put wood in gas stoves. Utilities are unknown in their magically stupid kang-dumbs back home. Just throw some logs into the gas stove and voila, six alarm fire.

15 06 2017
16 06 2017
Dr Duke

Not only did they not cause the fire, they are all heroes. It is a Ramadanadingdoing miracle. Sort of like how the Sikh cabbies magically became muslims in the newspapers when they gave free rides after that real muslim blew up at that concert.

16 06 2017
16 06 2017
17 06 2017


17 06 2017

“i swear to god everyone in this country is wondering how a tower that size could house half of africa and two thirds of the middle east. some harry potter tent shit right there” (sic)

Note: I tried to post a direct link to that YT comment, but it embedded the video. Which is yet another gem from SyeTen, but not relevant to the tower inferno.

17 06 2017

The anger over this just might cross over into riot territory.

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