15 06 2017

Social justice keeps on social justicing on.

By now, I’m sure the word “ecophobia” has already been coined as a slur against people who think that “ecosexuality” is silly.

Question:  Where or how does ecosexuality fit on the Genderbread Person spectrum?  Or does it?  Will this mean that SJWs will have to do yet another revision of the Genderbread charts?

I’m waiting for the first video of a three-way between a genderfluid, a rock and a zebra.  Unless I’m not.




4 responses

15 06 2017
Robert Browning

(((They))) are looking for a bridge to pedosexual.

15 06 2017
Alex the Goon

I thought they built that bridge when they allowed rabbis to suck a newborn’s bloody dicktip. Or maybe that was a (((private))) bridge.

16 06 2017

Being stuck between a rock and a hard place — Now has a new meaning.

18 06 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Gee they really do love trees. That’s a lobotomy and Thorazine drip right there.

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